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Letter requesting photo permission

Daryl Louise Amores,2014-11-19 06:17

Dear Webmaster or Publishing Manager:

As Managing Editor of Everlasting Footprint, I am writing today to request permission to re-publish one of your photographs on our collaborative public wiki-biographies, called “Footprints.”

At Everlasting Footprint, we are dedicated to helping people commemorate, celebrate, and pay tribute to loved ones who have passed away. Our free social network allows users to collaborate and share media, building a digital space for friends and family to heal together after loss.

In honor of some of the world’s most impactful legacies, the Everlasting Footprint Team is building a Footprint for Bruce Lee. We would like to invite you to join our network and collaborate with us in painting a full picture of Bruce Lee’s life.

With your permission, your photo will be included in Bruce Lee’s Timeline or photo Gallery. We can also include a permanent link from our site to yours, if you prefer.

The photo we would like permission to re-publish is: http://www.arun111.myewebsite.com/img/mid/346/brucelee32.jpg

The photo will be used on the collaborative Footprint of Bruce Lee, available here:

We thank you in advance for your dedication to keeping the legacy of Bruce Lee alive forever. Please, become a member of Everlasting Footprint and begin to collaborate with us on this Footprint.

We can’t wait to see the Footprints you build for your loved ones as well.

Thank you,
Everlasting Footprint Team

Daryl Louise Amores, Content Moderator

On behalf of:
Cortni Merritt, Managing Editor


nag,2014-06-20 12:22

photos kiraka darling

scolding dasa

deepu,2012-05-13 13:32

em wbeb site ra sannasi ni mokham laga undhanta edhi oka web situ diniki commentu........

Re: scolding dasa

Arun Admin,2012-06-03 15:55

Deepu See updates after give your comments Don't talk fullness. ok
keep Smile Deepu

Keep It

Naveen,2012-06-03 15:53

Arun keep update & update live cricket Score